The Columbus Chamber proud to serve as a pro-business advocate for its over 1,500 members. Activities at the local, state and federal government affect your business. Our government affairs team works on your behalf regarding issues such as economic development, transportation and infrastructure, taxes, education and health care.

The Chamber advocacy efforts extend beyond the Georgia legislative session. Throughout the year, the Chamber hosts various events, trips and leads efforts regarding important local government topics and economic development assets.

Here is the 2020 Legislative Agenda for the Chamber:

Economic Development, Tourism and Taxation

  • Support regional collaboration to improve economic opportunities and enhance quality of life in the region
  • Promote incentives for companies investing in critical infrastructure
  • Promote policies that strengthen emerging and innovative technologies
  • Support ongoing examination of the current tax base, tax rates, tax incentives and compliance requirements to ensure local business environment
  • Support current tax incentives and policies which have proven to assist companies to invest and expand their local footprint
  • Position and leverage Columbus and the region for the allocation of state funding Education
  • Support an education and talent ecosystem focused on developing, retaining, and attracting a more competitive workforce by favorably positioning Columbus
  • State University, Columbus Technical College and establishing a four-year Mercer Medical School campus


  • Preserve Georgia’s employment-at-will doctrine and the state’s right-to-work status
  • Preserve employers’ ability to maintain a safe business environment for employees Energy and Natural Resources
  • Protect access to sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy supplies
  • Enhance access to high-quality, affordable water supplies and ensure future water supply through both regional and tri-state collaboration

Health and Wellness

  • Support a state-led approach to ensure the viability of our health care system by improving access and affordability

Military-Ft. Benning

  • Support designation of Ft Benning and the MCoE as the Army’s Robotic Development Center for Multi-Domain Operations at Brigade level and below
  • Support designation of the Commanding General of the MCoE as the US Army’s Force Modernization Proponent for Robotics
  • Support military families and transition
  • Favorably position Ft Benning regarding state commissions, expansion, readiness and base realignment


  • Support state funding, tax initiatives and strategic investment into our transportation network, such as the creation of I-14, to promote economic growth and greater quality of life