The Columbus Chamber is proud to serve as a pro-business advocate for its partners. Activities at the local, state and federal government affect your business. Our government affairs team works on your behalf regarding issues such as economic development, tourism, and infrastructure as well as workforce, energy and natural resources, health and wellness, and issues related to Fort Moore

The Chamber advocacy efforts extend beyond the Georgia legislative session. Throughout the year, the Chamber hosts various events, trips, and leads efforts regarding important local government topics and economic development assets.


Economic Development, Tourism and Infrastructure

  • Position and leverage the Columbus region for the allocation of state funding.
  • Encourage regional collaboration to improve economic opportunities and enhance quality of life.
  • Support and preserve existing tax incentives that create jobs, foster economic investment in our community and promote innovation.
  • Support investments in infrastructure (broadband, 5G, freight, transportation, TSPLOST, I-14 and logistics) that are integral to the region that align with long-term needs, competitiveness and economic diversity.
  • Support uniform standards for customer privacy protections and data breach notifications.
  • Engage state resources to strengthen entrepreneurial development.


  • Support an education and talent ecosystem focused on developing, retaining, and attracting a more competitive workforce by favorably positioning the local K-12 school system, Columbus State University, Columbus Technical College, Mercer Medical School and Morehouse School of Medicine.
  • Preserve Georgia’s employment-at-will doctrine and the state’s right-to-work status.
  • Support an employer’s ability to maintain a safe business environment for employees.
  • Oppose discriminatory policies or practices.

Energy and Natural Resources

  • Ensure legislation that protects access to sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy supplies.
  • Enhance access to high-quality, affordable water supplies and collaborate with the Army Corps of Engineers regarding minimum flow control.

Health and Wellness

  • Support a state-led approach to ensure the viability of our health care system by improving access and affordability.


  • Favorably position Fort Moore regarding expansion, readiness and base realignment by coordinating efforts with the Georgia Joint Defense Commission and our local Commission representatives.