This Chamber Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 outlines the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s essential focus areas and integrates the collective Columbus 2025 Vision for the Greater Columbus Georgia Region:

  • Vision
  • Mission Statement
  • Core Values
  • Strategic Imperatives
  • Business (Action) Plan

The Strategic Plan identifies what are the Chamber’s top priorities and goals, serving as a road map to lead our Chamber from where it is now to where it strives to be in five years. The elements of the Strategic Plan are defined as follows:

Elements of the Strategic Plan

VisionHow will the region and Columbus be different as a result of our work?
Need a vivid and clear picture as a source of inspiration and decision-making.
Mission StatementThe chamber’s unique and fundamental purpose for existing?
Core ValuesThe Chamber’s guiding principles that govern our conduct as well as our relationship with the community and region.
Strategic ImperativesWhat is absolutely necessary in order for the chamber to fulfill its mission?
What are we trying to achieve?
What is the long-term desired impact?
Business (Action) PlanThe implementation steps to attain the strategic imperatives and goals?
Chamber’s Business (Action) Plan implements the Strategic Plan.


How Will The Region And Columbus Be Different As A Result Of Our Chamber’s Work?

The Greater Columbus, Georgia Chamber Of Commerce Is An Energetic And Visionary Organization In Our Region. We Are Committed To Building A More Prosperous Community While Preserving The Democratic Process Every Business In Our Region Should Be A Member Of Our Vital Organization.


What Is The Chamber’s Unique And Fundamental Purpose For Existing?

Our Mission Is To Promote Business Success By Being The Leader In Economic And Community Development In The Region.

Core Values

The Chamber’s Guiding Principles That Govern Our Conduct And Our Relationship With Our Community And Region.

Fiscally Responsible
Member Value Exceeds Member Investment
Quality Growth
Collaborative, Relevant Relationships

Strategic Plan’s Top 5 Long-Term Goals

Serve Chamber Membership And Region’s Businesses As:

  1. Entity That Increases Prosperity, Reduces Poverty And Improves Quality Of Life
  2. Regional Economic Development Action Agency
  3. Entity To Develop, Attract, Retain Highly Qualified, Well-Trained Workforce
  4. Organization That Serves By Equipping Others To Lead And Be More Involved In Addressing Economic, Governmental And Social/Cultural Challenges
  5. Facilitator To Create An Enterprising Culture, Develop Vibrant, Connected Places And A Cohesive Image And Identity

Strategic Imperatives

What Is Absolutely Necessary For The Chamber To Fulfill Its Mission?

I. Economic and Workforce Development

Promote and enhance a vibrant, diverse and sustainable economy by growing and retaining our existing businesses and recruiting new industry into the region.
Promote and enhance a highly qualified, well-trained workforce capable of meeting the region’s workforce needs in order to sustain continued economic growth and prosperity and enhanced quality of life.

II. Community Development and Membership

Strengthen community involvement and decision-making that supports growth and fosters a high ranking quality of life for all residents of our region.
Attract new members and increase existing members’ involvement in the
Chamber by providing programs, services and benefits that are valued by members as essential to their success.

III. Advocacy and Governmental Affairs

Through an aggressive, visionary governmental affairs effort, provide relevant and timely information and leadership to inspire Chamber members to engage in solving economic, governmental and socio-cultural issues impacting our region.
Build pro-military, governmental, public/private strategic and diverse partnerships to leverage the resources, intellect, experiences, and influence of our Department of Defense partners and the Chamber of Commerce.

IV. Organizational Sustainment

Position both the Chamber and its staff for long-term success by aligning the Chamber staff and prioritizing available resources that will support and secure the broad efforts of this strategic plan as well as for reaccreditation, thus maintaining our Chamber’s “Five Star” United States Chamber Of Commerce accreditation.